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Cloud Storage Lite

Cloud Storage Lite App allows you to upload photos and transfer videos to the cloud easily, and share them with your friends and family. Create photo backup, and easy video backup to cloud storage and access them from anywhere and anytime. Now manage all of your data from one place.

Cloud Storage: Cloud Drive App

Cloud Storage- Cloud drive App is a free storage app. - Provides free cloud service for photo storage and video storage including storage space.

- Free cloud storage to backup your data in a few easy steps.

- By using free cloud storage services, you can free up additional storage space.

- Get up to a gigabyte of storage, and backup photos at no cost with the cloud app.

- To take a photo backup, use the extra storage space offers available in our photo storage. 

Contacts Backup Cloud Transfer

Contacts backup app allows you to create quick backups for your contacts. Get a backup and recover contacts if you have a cloud backup of contacts. With Contact Manager, protect your contacts so that you don’t lose any of your important contacts. 

Fake Call - Prank Call Dialer

Fake Call app allows you to get out of a problematic situation that you may face in your daily life. Are you stuck in an awkward situation and want to escape from it? Our Fake Call App brings you an easy escape from the situation by simulating fake calling – prank dial with any number you want. Get out of any unwanted circumstance with just one click from a prank dialing app. It is just a prank call with a fake caller id. Make a fake call – phone prank with your phone without actually being called. 

Battery Charger Animation

Charging Animation App provides Battery Charging show that displays Battery Charging Animations on the Lock Screen. Battery Animations and Charging Play will be shown on your Mobile Screen after you plug in the Charger. Moreover, the Charging Animations App will give a classic and unique touch to your phone with different Charging and Battery animations.  

Simple Notepad - Color Note

Notepad with sticky notes to organize your thoughts on notebook of this note taking app. Write notes using notepad of the “Simple Notepad – Color Note”

NotePad app brings you with a systematic solution to list down your grocery list, to-do list, or just use it as your personal diary in the form of short notes or sticky notes. This Notepad app helps you to write notes, memo, and create stickies on the notebook. You can add your daily schedule in the form of sticky notes, important deadlines, and use them to save your essential notes in this simple writing pad app. In addition, you can also add your notes in this simple notepad or notebook using different font styles that will give an elegant look to your notes on the writing pad.  

HD Video Player: Movie Player

The HD Video Player is an open-source multimedia player that plays all format video (m4a, Mkv, Avi) private folders, and Background Play smoothly with powerful features. It can play All video formats Including 4K ultra HD video files with high definition.